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JapanLongTrail3 - Shino Setsuda
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Japan Long Trail Association Description

Japan, a long and slender volcanic archipelago is one of the most fascinating places to explore the wide range climate from a deep snow land to a tropical blue beach. In this compact country, hi-tech modern style and ancient tradition spontaneously coexist in everyday life. Through the changes of the four seasons, walking experience would be a never-ending story. Japan Long Trail Association is a consortium of 25 trails working to establish and promote the long trail culture and Japanese “travel on foot” tourism from the north in Hokkaido to the south in Kyushu. Each trail has a unique character – roaming farmland and broad leaf tree forests, walking on a ridge way and moors in the mountainous area, going around a volcanic mountain and coast line, visiting sacred places of traditional mountain worship and historical sites. The group has focused on supporting foreign walkers to enjoy real Japan.

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