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Korea Walking & Trail Association (South Korea)

The Korea Walking & Trail Association (KWTA) promotes walking events, and hosts a variety of events and practical walking education programs.

KWTA is headquartered in Wonju, Gangwon Province in South Korea. Wonju is the home of Mountain Chiak, which was designated as the Chiaksan National Park in 1984.

KWTA operates and manages the Chiaksan Dulegil – the 400km hiking trail and one the most popular trails in Korea. The Chiaksan Dulegil consists of various trails made up of dirt roads (Heukgil), forests (Supgil), streams(Mulgil), and folk villages (Maeulgil). This 400km trail is well equipped with guideposts and sign boards along every route for walkers and trekkers.

The rich variety of the Chiaksan Dulegil will present you with a good opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage and wonderful nature of the region in all four seasons. KWTA welcomes every walker and trekker from around the world and would be delighted to provide information regarding the beautiful trails of the Chiaksan Dulegil.

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