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Projects & Focus Areas

The network focuses on all dimensions of trails and how they intersect our lives, our communities and economies. These can be broadly grouped into three thematic areas as listed below. We place a primary focus on brining trails together to collaborate, to learn from each other and inspire positive action. We use various platforms, forums and tools to achieve this.


  • Trails & Culture Task Team
  • Trails & Nature Task Team
  • Trails & Sustainability Task Team
  • Trails & Cities Task Team
  • Trails & Tourism Task Team
  • Peace Trails Initiative


  • Trails & Knowledge Task Team
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Trails resources
  • Research surveys
  • Marketing research
  • Tool Boxes
    • Sustainability Tool Box (in development)
    • Green Flag Trails – Trails Assessment and Accreditation


  • World Trails Conferences
  • World Trails Expeditions
  • Trails Talk Series – Webinars, dialogues and discussions
  • International Friendship Trails Initiative
  • World Clean-up Day for Trails
  • Trails & Media Task Team
  • Trails Film – World Trails Film Festival
  • Trails & Beyond Online Magazine
  • Workshops and Trainings

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As a volunteer driven and led network, we rely completely on members to be active and engaged. So we invite you to do so, especially if there is an area you think we should be addressing, put your hand up, gather like-minded passionate members and help make it happen.

Our Task Team Co-Chairs meet every month to take projects forward, and our engaged and dedicated International Board oversees 3 strategic committees relating to Finance, Governance and Networking.

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