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Bringing trails together from around the world.

About the World Trails Network

The World Trails Network is a global non-profit association committed to the sustainability and enjoyment of the world’s trails for all people, through a powerfully engaged international network of organizations and individuals g

We are an internationally representative association of the world’s leading trails and trail destinations. In essence, we are a trail tribe.

As a globally active network of diverse and engaged trails, we each work in our own regions to further the interests and sustainability of trails for the benefit of all.

We are a registered non-profit association in Switzerland and the United States of America. As a volunteer driven organization we are dedicated to the promotion, preservation and enjoyment of trails around the world.

Make a difference for trails.

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What we do


We convene global forums to bring trail professionals, enthusiasts and trail organizations together.
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We celebrate and promote trails through creative media, inspiring platforms and informative campaigns.
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We collaborate and learn together via task teams, research, courses, webinars and trainings by connecting members.
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How we do it

Trails Conferences

Our biennial World Trails Conference is where trails from around the world gather.
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Trail Expeditions

Join our next generation teams on exciting trail adventures around the world.
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Trails Task Teams

Volunteer and shape the future of trails through our engaged task teams.
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Friendship Trails

Building trail friendships across the world to promote trail travel.
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Green Flag Trails

An international accreditation mark recognizing responsible trail management.
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Trails Film Festival

A different take on showcasing the culture and values of trails through film & storytelling.
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Peace Trails Initiative

Championing peace through trails in transfrontier parks and across borders.
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World Trails Day

We are working to establish a globally celebrated day for trails launching 2022.
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Trails matter. They connect us. They move us.




Explore our site and make a difference for trails.

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