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The World Trails Network is an internationally representative body of the world’s leading trails and trail destinations. We are a globally active network of diverse, high quality, environmentally sustainable trails that work in our own regions to further the interests of the trails industry for the benefit of all.

Non-Profit Association
We are a non-profit association registered in Switzerland and the United States of America. As a volunteer driven organization we work across sectors to promote, protect and preserve trails around the world.

Projects and Campaigns
Our projects support trails through the World Trails Fund to strengthen their management and maintenance objectives, while our campaigns work to communicate the value of trails across sectors from tourism and conservation to health and recreation. 

Education and Networking
Education through networking and engagement is our primary focus and our actions include hosting the biennial World Trails Conference, publishing the Trails Around the World online journal and facilitating Educational Trail Expeditions.

Become a Member
Join us and contribute to one of the world’s most exciting and rewarding outdoor industries that shapes and preserves the trail infrastructure which underpins outdoor recreation, our access to nature, our enjoyment of diverse and remote cultures and our global wellbeing on 5 continents.

If you are a trail enthusiast, a trail professional or a trail organization, do not hesitate to join us and become actively involved in one of our Task Teams, share knowledge, expertise and passion with an inspiring community dedicated to trails.




Sharing knowledge resources and providing a platform for education and learning between trails is one of our core focus areas . . . More +


Trails are a significant infrastructure that support multiple adventure and tourism activities . . . More +


Many of the world’s trails pass through pristine nature areas or places of rich cultural heritage, we encourage conservation . . .  More +


Cultural heritage and pilgrimage trails demand protection and preservation help us support them. . . More +


Through a series of global events the World Trails Network brings trail professionals together to learn, to share and be inspired . . . More +


This team focuses on trail development, design and best practices in management and trail implementation. The core  . . . More +

Cities and Urban Trails

Urban trails are playing an increasing role in city greening and development, this team looks at greenways, . . .  More +

Media and Marketing

Digital media is reshaping the way trails are portrayed and marketed to a global audience, this team looks at novel and new . . . More +


World Conference 2018

World Conference 2018

Our 7th World Trails Conference will take place in 2018 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Join us and make new friends, network and learn from other trails around the world. Sign up for our newsletter to receive further information.

Trails Atlas

Trails Atlas

All member trails of the World Trails Network are listed in the Trails Atlas, a collection of some of the world’s leading trails. Click to browse the atlas and contact us to join and have your trail listed here too, so others may find you.

Values Statement

Values Statement

All members of the network agree to uphold and promote the values put forward in the World Trails Network Values Statement. Our aim is to take the global trails industry forward with a strong focus on sustainability and good practice.

Join the Network

Join the Network

Find out more about how to become a member of this growing international network. The benefits and opportunities offered by the World Trails Network are many and varied and are there to help you partake in an exciting industry.

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