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The Trail Manifesto  –  World Trails Network

we are a trail tribe.
we walk. we run. we hike. we ride.
trail is our story.  our playground.
a sexy line. past peaks. through valleys. way over waterfalls.
beyond visions and goals and deadlines and beats.
where we go we leave no trace. we follow simple signs.

explore by reaching further. connect by going deeper.
our answers lie not at the end but on the way.
no reason needed. because it is. is enough.
every dream adventure. every journey meaning.
every wild thing at home. rising moon and sun and endless sky.

take a map. carry water. be trail ready.
embrace all elements. sleep under stars.
love what is wild. and taste the salt of trying.
be alone. be together. or just be.

we this tribe. stay the course and keep on track.
we collaborate. we educate. we celebrate.
we love that old song freedom. we care. yes.
we protect nature. preserve heritage.
share culture. sustain communities.
and every time give thanks by giving back.

every step makes a difference. every trail makes a life.

this is our manifesto:
to always love the path beneath our feet.
to roam. to share. to wander on.
be it walk or ride or hike or run
we are a trail tribe.
and the trail is a call to everyone.

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