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“It is timely that the World Trails Network (WTN), with some of the world’s most famous trails as members, has formed a global collaboration to inspire the enhancement of all trails and to raise the profile of hiking and walking trails specifically as community enhancements, while striving to protect unique worldwide natural and cultural assets. This collaboration is a strategy that works across geographic and language barriers to support member organizations. The Network is galvanizing the expertise of hiking and walking trail leaders to create a dynamic and inspiring future for trail development, enhancement, and promotion.

This collaboration will effectively tell a story about the benefit of trails at a scale that no one participating organization can accomplish alone. This international network is an opportunity to capture global environmental stories as told from the perspective of hikers and walkers around the world as they experience some of the world’s most precious, culturally unique, and compelling landscapes. The Network has promise to become a voice that advocates for the protection of trail landscapes and experiences.”

Laura Belleville, Appalachian Trail Conservancy – Founding Vice-Chair, World Trails Network

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