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A Vision for Trails

The World Trails Network strives to connect the diverse trails of the world to promote the creation, enhancement, and protection of outstanding trail experiences, by advocating for the protection of nature and culture linked to trails.

Organization and individual members are committed to a world that values, celebrates and sustains trails and trail experiences.

World Trails Commitment

We are a global trails community and share a voice for trails, as dedicated trail users, trail operators, trail associations, trail managers and trail supporters. The word accord is used to convey the collective commitments we can all engage in going forward concerning trails that are in alignment with the conference theme: Trails and Health, with the idea of encapsulating the spirit and essence of the gathering.

We acknowledge and commit to the following which was agreed to as the closing statement as the Tottori World Trails Accord of the World Trails Conference 16, October  2016:


By ensuring our trails are well designed, planned and built to be environmentally sustainable and cared for:

  • Through restoration of land and conservation of nature linked to our trails.
  • Through exposure to nature and healthy lifestyles, by encouraging trail activities and regular trail usage by all.
  • By encouraging practices of leave no trace, love for our trails and respect for nature.
  • By promoting a broadly embraced ethic of land stewardship
  • Enhancing the land connectivity value of trails and the role trails play in landscape-wide ecological corridors


Trails shape our lives, we shape the future. We recognize that the 6th World Trails Conference in Tottori has opened the way for a new stage in widening the global trails network where many trail operators, associations and trail lovers could gather.

  • We will make efforts to actively develop youth and young leaders for the future of trails and the future of the world.
  • Encourage all trail users to be responsible trail users promoting good trail use and ethic.
  • Actively promote the heal benefits of trails.
  • Support the spiritual and pilgrimage values of trails.
  • Work to address nature deficit disorder through making trail access possible for a wide diversity of trail users.
  • Foster sustainable economic benefits through trails and trail tourism.


Help enable and facilitate what trails can do and can be, for all communities around the world.

  • Healing economies through economic value of trails, by encouraging travel and tourism
  • Promoting cultural preservation, appreciation and respect
  • Recognizing the cultural value of trails


Cross-border trails show how trails can build inter-cultural bridges for prosperity.

  • Through promoting the peace-building power of trails through common understanding among nations and people.

Communications and Outreach

Growing a community of trails and organizations for improved cooperation of practice

  • Increase visibility to and support from governments and private partners
  • Increased promotion and cross-promotion of trails around the world
  • Sponsorships
  • Spreading the good story of trails at a Global level
  • Promoting access to trails through signage and mapping
  • Encourage research of trails by organizations
  • Promoting best practices for capacity, skills building and sustainable development

Specific Commitments

  • We commit to linking more trails across the world as part of the International Friendship Trails initiative.
  • We would like to further deepen ties between Jeju Island, Korea, and Tottori Prefecture, Japan, and make efforts to help people live in harmony with nature and discover the enjoyment of trail walking.
  • We will motivate for the creation of an International World Trails Day to be sanctioned by the United Nations.
  • We will endeavor to create an international awareness day for trail clean-up.
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