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Trilha Transmantiqueira - Subida do Capim Amarelo - Hugo de Castro
Trilha Transmantiqueira - Pico do Carrasco - Hugo de Castro
Trilha Transmantiqueira - Itaguaré e Serra Fina - Visual do Cume do Pico dos Marins - Hugo de Castro
Trilha Transmantiqueira - Serra do Lopo - Hugo de Castro

Trilha Transmantiqueira Trail Description

The Transmantiqueira Trail (TMTQ) is a system of interconnected trails that together sum up to approximately 1.000 km (620 miles) in the Serra da Mantiqueira. It crosses 39 municipalities of the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, 30 protected areas privileging the passage through tracks already consolidated and visiting the greatest number of attractions along its course. It comes with the intention of integrating the ICMBio´s Brazilian Long Course System, adding like national and international experiences of systems like this one. The TMTQ will contribute to the environment conservation, the integration of man and nature in a living relationship with the ecosystem, with the customs and local history through the communities´s socioeconomic development and their surroundings, as well as the orderly and sustainable turism in Mantiqueira.

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