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Caminho dos Canyons do São Francisco - Pedro Menezes
Caminho de Cora Coralina - Pedro Menezes
Trilha Chico Mendes - Pedro Menezes
Travessia do Tabuleiro - Pedro Menezes

Brasilian Network of Long Distance Trails Description

The Brazilian Network of Long Distance Trails, is designed in a way that each National Long Track, like the 10,000 km Coastal Corridor (Oiapoque x Chuí), will be the result of the succession of a series of regional tracks, in which the ending point of one coincides with the trackhead of the next. National long trails in the Brazilian Network are planned to connect landscapes in a nationwide scale. Regional long distance trails can vary in length but basically should be of four sizes: (1) up to 28 hiking days; (2) up to 15 hiking days and (3) up to 7 hiking days and (4) a single overnight trail. The distances, measured in days, are thought to fit most countries working holidays as well as weekends.

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