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2022 Trail Ambassadors 

The World Trails Network and its International Task Team on Trails & Knowledge are seeking inaugural delegates for the Trails Ambassador program, a  global collaboration of young leaders contributing to trails from around the world.

Are you interested in applying?

Applicants are encouraged to apply by June 15, 2022 as scholarships for the World Trails Conference are limited.



  • Participate in the World Trails Conference in Skiathos, Greece Sept. 23-30, 2022
  • Training and mentoring on key trail issues
  • Represent your community, increase your visibility and
    bring your voice to the table
  • Engage with key stakeholders from around the world
  • Be part of the inaugural ambassador and provide input on
    program creation


  • 2 year term
  • Monthly Calls: quarterly with Ambassadors, quarterly with Trails & Knowledge Task Team (networking and mentorship with trail professionals)
  • Build a community/country action plan
  • Participate fully in the World Trails Conference, hybrid
    options available




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