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Support the Documentary and Fund this Amazing Team

 7 – 14 September 2017

Our team is made up of 16 Next Generation Trail Visionaries from: Korea, Australia, Ghana, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, United States of America, Chile, Greece, China and Brazil.

As a cross-cultural team of millennial leaders, we will kayak the San’In Kaigan Coast, cycling through lost valleys, hike Mt Daisen and explore spiritual walks and Zen monasteries along the way . . . scroll down and watch the video of some of the places we will explore.

Our mission is to ask powerful questions and seek insights on why trails matter to the future. We will share our experiences in dialogues and conversation through a short and inspiring documentary.

Team members, as a challenge to being a Next Generation Trail Visionary, are each tasked to raise a minimum of $350 to contribute to the documentary, expedition media and outreach costs.

Support us below and help make expedition outreach and documentary possible. . .

We know trails matter to everyone’s future, help us create a documentary to show the world how the next generation is making a difference.


Proudly hosted by Tottori Prefecture Government, with logistics coordination by NPO Mirai.


Development support from Sculpt the Future Foundation

Target $350
Amount Raised
Donate to Eilidh’s Goal

Eilidh Graham – Australia

Jobs fill your pocket but adventure fills your soul! And it is not until recently I have managed to combine the two as the trails coordinator on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

After working and travelling around the world I finally fell in love with Perth. It had everything I was looking for; ocean, waves, reefs, rivers, forests, trails, trails, trails and a fabulous little Island paradise called Rottnest (Wadjemup), that I now very proudly call my place of work.

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Shoji’s Goal

Shoji Kishida – Japan

I am a Nordic walking instructor and I organize walking and trail events in Tottori Prefecture. I network with instructors all over Japan. Many walkers in Japan tend to be in their senior years, I was inspired to reach out to the younger generation and help them discover the joy trails offer.

In the future, I plan to not only provide information on trails in Japan but also on trails around the world and help people discover the wonderful features of trails.

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Blake’s Goal

Blake Dyason – South Africa

I am a passionate, energetic and driven South African. By day I work with an exciting marketing and communication team and run an organisation Love Our Trails that educates trail users about caring for our environment. I help run an orphanage, I am an activist against litter and one-use plastic, but my heart is in nature.

I have dedicated my health, vitality and mobility to helping others and to protect our environment. 

Target $350
Amount Raised $192
Donate to Oforiwaa’s Goal

Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye – Ghana

I am involved in trail work through sustainability and conservation efforts in academic research, volunteering and leadership positions in the US and sub-Saharan Africa. I am involved in advancing trail development in Ghana and hope to partner with a non-profit to help utilize local human resources and materials in a cost effective and sustainable way to improve existing trails. 

Target $350
Amount Raised $210
Donate to Paula’s Goal

Paula Rascao – Brazil

I am a founding partner of a digital platform called eTrilhas. It disseminates Brazilian trails and connects people to local guides and companies.

The platform has been licensed to Transcarioca Trail and a collaborative feature has been developed to help trail managers in maintenance

Target $350
Amount Raised
Donate to Chunghwan’s Goal

Chunghwan Lim – South Korea

Trails are peaceful way of communicating with the world.

I work on Jeju Olle Trail on Korea’s Jeju Island and I am also a photographer.

There is a prejudice that traveling on a trail is slow to see the world, but it is not. A slow walking trip makes the world deeply understandable. So walking slowly and watching the world is the most valuable thing for me. 

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Jingjiang’s Goal

Jingjiang Shuai – China

I am an active trails advocate in China. As we all know, China is an ancient civilization, so is the Chinese trails tradition. Most of China’s ancient trails are related to the famous Chinese Literati, and to religion and history. With the development of China, I have devoted myself to bring Chinese trails to the world while introducing a healthy lifestyle to Chinese hikers.

Target $350
Amount Raised
Donate to Rigas’ Goal

Rigas Zafeiriou – Greece

After having worked as a cross-disciplinary researcher with UNESCO and other organizations, I decided to move back to Greece and my home island Kythera to follow my passion and make a livelihood based on trails and hiking.

We consider our work important because the trail network can become a pivotal lever of sustainable & endogenous development which will transform the island into a hub of alternative tourism.

Target $350
Amount Raised $30
Donate to Fernando’s Goal

Fernando Iglesias – Chile

I have worked in trails from designing, building and  maintenance for more than 10 years. My focus is to use trails to inspire and connect people with nature with the aim to create an harmonic transition between both worlds and a long term coexistence based on love and respect. I am Executive Director of the Chilean NGO Andean Conservancy. 

I am mountaineer, a traveler and Latin American folk musician.

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Natasha’s Goal

Natasha Luzhkova – Russia

Trails provide connections between nature and humans, inviting us to the wilderness to see its wonders and inspiring us to protect the pristine beauty.  I have been involved in nature conservation and trail building in the Lake Baikal Protected Areas since my first year at university. When I was 18 I became a volunteer in a non-profit organizationThe Great Baikal Trail, in the Siberian part of Russia.

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Melina’s Goal

Melina Mellino – Australia

I spend the majority of my time working on ways to get more people out on the trails sharing the love I’ve got for spending time in nature and staying fit. Through Perth Trail Series, I’ve created a community of trail runners that’s growing every year.

Through work with the Department of Sport and Recreation, and Department of Parks and Wildlife we’ve gotten trail runners recognised as a user group in Western Australia, and established the voice for our community.

Target $350
Amount Raised
Donate to Zak’s Goal

Zak Klein – USA

Trails transform people, people transform the world.  Because trails are humanity’s best medium to experience an environment, I believe they’re the key for cultivating our personal and cultural relationships with nature.  I’m fascinated by origin stories of trails and inspired by the people who envision them.  Since 2011, I’ve been working to discover trail visionaries and explore the ingredients that allow a trail to be born, restored or reimagined.  This expedition is the culmination of years of effort and I couldn’t be more excited to participate!

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Tom’s Goal

Tom Malecha – Switzerland

I am a filmmaker and storyteller, living in Zurich. I grew up in the flatlands of Western Germany, then followed the call of the mountains to Switzerland. I am passionate about mountain biking, trail running, hiking and snowboarding and made this love for the outdoor my profession, creating films for brands and tourism destinations.

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Kailin’s Goal

Yang Kailin – Taiwan

My main mission is managing and maintaining Jiaming Lake Trail, for the Taiwan Forest Bureau – the trail is located at the altitude of 2,400m-3,400m in the southeast part of Central Mountain. It is visited by about 20 thousand people per year.

The sustainable trail connects people with the natural environment and social culture to harmony.

Target $350
Amount Raised $350
Donate to Galeo’s Goal

Galeo Saintz  – South Africa

I work at the confluence between trails, nature conservation and peace. I am passionate about the role trails play in changing our world for the better.  They bring people together, they connect us to nature, health, culture and ignite our own internal dialogue – they remind me daily of why I am here.

I am a founding member of multiple trail and conservation related non-profit organizations, some focused on my home continent Africa, while others have a global reach. I am thrilled to be part of this amazing international team.

Target $5,600
Amount Raised $5,045
Donate to the Team Goal

Support the Team

If you can’t choose a team member to support, donate to the whole team.

As a collective, combining all our $350 individual targets, we aim to raise $5,600 – help us reach this goal by 7 September 2017.

Please donate now . . .

Thank you

The Adventure

Follow us as we explore the trails of Tottori in western Japan

  • Follow a dynamic team from 14 different countries
  • We will trek amongst the landscapes of Mount Daisen
  • Kayak the famed San’in Kaigan coast
  • Share dialogue during a focused trails workshop with Japanese students
  • Help shape a powerful future for the world’s trails

Our mission is to enjoy, celebrate and explore the trails of Tottori while hosting meaningful dialogue of where trails are going in the future. How do we care for them? How do we champion their benefits? Why do trails matter? How do we collaborate as an international community?

The expansive Tottori highlands and the ancient pilgrimage pathways of Mt Daisen are the ideal place to explore why trails matter in the lead up to the international gathering of the world’s trails at the 7th World Trails Conference taking place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 2018.

The Outreach

The World Trails Network is highlighting the significant role trails play in the global adventure tourism market and how trails benefit all our communities – creating opportunities for healthy lifestyles, connection with nature and celebration of culture. Trails bring us together and connect us to the world.

Trails constitute a 1/3 of all adventure tourism activities. In most cases when we are out adventuring, trails are literally the ground beneath our feet. Yet around the world trails are failing to receive the reinvestment needed to keep them well maintained and sustainably managed. Our outreach includes education, networking, and raising awareness for trails on multiple global platforms.

The Highlights

The trail excursions are moderate to difficult. And our team will be challenged.

We will swim, trail run the forests of beech, kayak the San’In coast and hike to amazing waterfalls, we will climb Mt Daisen. Camping out most nights under the stars. Cycling forgotten roads and rail lines. We will encounter Zen monks and explore ancient temples, and experience the hot springs of a traditional Japanese Onsen.

Enjoy the video below of some of the places we will be exploring. . .

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