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Trails & Towns Task Team

Urban trails are playing an increasing role in city greening, transportation  and development. This team looks at greenways, transportation and urban trails and how to assist cities and towns in implementing sustainable urban trail networks. This is a specialized field and requires complex collaboration between many stakeholders.

Goals and Objectives

The World Trails Network focuses on three core objectives:

  • PROMOTE TRAILS – through marketing of trails, promotion of trail destinations, sell the benefits of trails to governments, local community, users, etc.
  • PRESERVE TRAILS – through sustainable standards, best practice, legislation for trails, governance, conservation, maintenance and sustainability, etc.
  • PERPETUATE TRAILS– through education, conferences, expeditions, events, fundraising, publications, etc.


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Our Work

  •  Projects
  • Campaigns
  • Research


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Get Involved

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Funding Opportunities

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To join any of this international Trail Task Teams projects working with a dedicated team of volunteer professionals, become a World Trails Network member today.

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