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Bringing trails together from around the world.

About the World Trails Network

The World Trails Network is a global non-profit association committed to the sustainability and enjoyment of the world’s trails for all people, through a powerfully engaged international network of organizations and individuals g

We are an internationally representative association of the world’s leading trails and trail destinations. In essence, we are a trail tribe.

As a globally active network of diverse and engaged trails, we each work in our own regions to further the interests and sustainability of trails for the benefit of all.

We are a registered non-profit association in Switzerland and the United States of America. As a volunteer driven organization we are dedicated to the promotion, preservation and enjoyment of trails around the world.

Make a difference for trails.

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What we do


We convene global forums to bring trail professionals, enthusiasts and trail organizations together.
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We celebrate and promote trails through creative media, inspiring platforms and informative campaigns.
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We collaborate and learn together via task teams, research, courses, webinars and trainings by connecting members.
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How we do it

Trails Conferences

Our biennial World Trails Conference is where trails from around the world gather.
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Trail Expeditions

Join our next generation teams on exciting trail adventures around the world.
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Trails Task Teams

Volunteer and shape the future of trails through our engaged task teams.
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Friendship Trails

Building trail friendships across the world to promote trail travel.
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Green Flag Trails

An international accreditation mark recognizing responsible trail management.
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Trails Film Festival

A different take on showcasing the culture and values of trails through film & storytelling.
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Peace Trails Initiative

Championing peace through trails in transfrontier parks and across borders.
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World Trails Day

We are working to establish a globally celebrated day for trails launching 2022.
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Join the World Trails Conference 2022
Now via Zoom Events Here
26-30, 2022 – Skiathos, Greece
Over 100 speakers from 83 organizations and attendees from over 49 countries. 

Join the world’s leading trails on the iconic Island of Skiathos in Greece and learn from thought-leaders and trail experts, while engaging in multiple networking opportunities & workshops.

Important Dates and Events
18 Sep – 1 Oct 2022

18 – 25 Sept 2022Pre-Conference Trail Journeys
23 – 25 September 2022Trail Ambassadors Gathering
26 – 30 September 20228th World Trails Conference
29 September 2022World Trails Film Festival Premiere
30 September 2022 Skiathos Trail Excursions
30 Sept – 1 Oct 2022 – Workshops & Green Flag Trails Training 

The only global conference to bring the trails of the world together since 2010. Help shape trails into the future and contribute to the important role they play in adventure tourism, recreation and rural livelihoods by attending.

Note important preparation dates below, and visit the conference website for full details. 


Trails matter. They connect us. They move us.




Explore our site and make a difference for trails.

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