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Focus Areas and Task Teams

The World Trails Network achieves impact through a focused program of 3 Core Objectives and the support of 8 International Trail Task Teams.

Core Objectives

The World Trails Network focuses on three core objectives:

  • PROMOTE TRAILS – through marketing of trails, promotion of trail destinations, sell the benefits of trails to governments, local community, users, etc.
  • PRESERVE TRAILS – through sustainable standards, best practice, legislation for trails, governance, conservation, maintenance and sustainability, etc.
  • PERPETUATE TRAILS– through education, conferences, expeditions, events, fundraising, publications, etc.

Eight International Trail Task Teams

The World Trails Network facilitates international volunteer teams of global and local trail experts who collaborate on various projects, international campaigns and trail advocacy. Each team has a core leadership and a convening Chairperson that is focused on delivering defined outcomes that are overseen by the WTN International Advisory Committee.

The Task Teams seek to make tangible impacts for trails around the world, strengthening policy, raising awareness and encouraging best practice in trail design, construction, maintenance and marketing.

Bring your expertise and collaborative skills to these dynamic networking teams and contribute to the global trails industry, further your experience and career.

As a World Trails Network member you will be able to play an active role in shaping the projects we are engaged with in each of these focus areas:

TRAILS & EVENTS – Conferences, Events & Trail Expeditions

Networking is our primary focus and by delivering multiple networking events each year we bring our members closer together to collaborate, learn, share and champion trails. In this Task Team we focus on all official events endorsed and managed by World Trails Network.

Our aim is to build a stronger international community of practice and engagement that helps to convene kick-ass expeditions, thought-provoking conferences, dynamic workshops and inspiring gatherings.

Each other year we host the World Trails Conference , the world’s first truly international gathering for trail professionals, trail managers and trail users. With representatives from over 40 plus countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania – the conference has a broad international impact.

Our trail expeditions are designed to create learning opportunities, such as the recent Next Generation Trail Visionaries Expedition. These consist of small teams learning about trails while on trail. These are high level networking experiences and  foster international collaboration and participation.

We play an important role in advocating for trails at various global events and conferences.

TRAILS & KNOWLEDGE – Resource Sharing and Education

Sharing knowledge resources and providing a platform for education and learning between trails is one of our four focus areas. The majority of World Trails Network members cite knowledge sharing as a primary benefit of being a member.

Our knowledge task team produces our online magazine and facilitates webinars and surveys.

TRAILS & TOURISM – Trail Tourism, Travel & Trail Destinations

Trail tourism is at the heart of the adventure travel industry. This travel sector continues to grow globally, and requires a solid sustainable trail management approach to support it.

Quality trails are sustainable trails, as a global initiative we encourage the development of sustainable quality trails and trail experiences to ensure an internationally sustainable trails industry championing best practice models and accurate and appropriate information being available for trail users.

We actively promote the benefits trails deliver to society through media and by having members of our board represent the World Trails Network and its aims on international forums and task groups, such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Cross-promotion of trails through our International Friendship Trails program is growing a global network one trail at a time. Everyone wants to be friends.

We offer an international platform for linking volunteers to trails across the globe, unlocking the potential for sharing passion and professional knowledge to benefit trails from Costa Rica to Korea, from Turkey to Australia, from the USA to Europe, Russia and Africa.

TRAILS & NATURE – Biodiversity and Conservation

Many of the world’s trails pass through pristine nature areas, we encourage correct conservation of the nature linked to trails. Help us build the world’s leading database of biodiversity and conservation projects linked to trails. Recording the value trails add to local communities and tourism is an important step in understanding the role trails fulfill linked to economics and heritage.

TRAILS & SUSTAINABILITY – Development, Maintenance and Best Practices

This team focuses on trail development, trail design and best practices in management and trail implementation. The core focus is to ensure the existing global heritage trails continues into the future under sustainable stewardship and that new trails are encouraged to employ sustainable building and funding models that will ensure a future legacy.

TRAILS & TOWNS – Cities and Urban Trails

Urban trails are playing an increasing role in city greening, transportation  and development. This team looks at greenways, transportation and urban trails and how to assist cities and towns in implementing sustainable urban trail networks. This is a specialized field and requires complex collaboration between many stakeholders.


Digital media is reshaping the way trails are portrayed and marketed to a global audience, this team looks at novel and new way in which trails can stay up to date and in the public awareness. The team assists all other Trail Task Teams with campaign communication support, video development, and identifying opportunities for WTN members to share and develop media for trail marketing.

TRAILS & CULTURE – Cultural Heritage and Pilgrimage Trails

The world’s great trails have rich cultural heritage, heritage that deserves protection and on-going documentation. We are building a database of cultural assets linked to trails, please join us in this endeavor.

To join any of these international Trail Task Teams become a World Trails Network member today.

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