Kurayoshi2 Tottori
Kurayoshi2 Tottori
Lake Togoko Tottori
Kurayoshi4 Tottori
Mitokusan Nageiredo Tottori
Kurayoshi3 Tottori
Mitokusan Nageiredo3 Tottori
Lake Togoko2 Tottori

Tottori Walking Resort Description

sub_tab_m_18_logoTottori Walking Resort Promotion Council aims to create ‘Walking Resort’ in Japan. ‘Walking Resort’ is a coined word we made, which stands for an imaginable place for all walkers and nature-lovers. This council just started in 2013, but its predecessor organization ‘Tottori Walking Association’ started in 2000, and since then, we have been walking almost all of trails in Tottori, found a lot of beautiful places, and made good walking courses to promote. 

Contact Details

Email: civic@npo-mirai.net

Facebook: NPO

Web: www.npo-mirai.net