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Friendship Trails

Friendship Trails are similar to twin towns, whereby trails in different countries team up in the name of partnership, mutual publicity and international cooperation.

Through the concept of the Friendship Trails, it is hoped this simple idea will spread across the globe, promoting international understanding and the culture of walking, whilst boosting tourism and local economies.

“This is a real opportunity to promote international friendship and cooperation. We are proud to be joining up with the Jeju Olle Trail, and hope this special relationship will benefit people, landscapes and conservation in both our countries”     – James Blockley, Cotswold Way National Trail Officer

The world’s first Friendship Trail was established by the Jeju Olle Foundation in Korea. This visionary project has spread across the globe.

Please contact us to find out more about this international project of the World Trails Network.

If you wish to establish Friendship Trail with one of the World Trails Network member trails, please email us and we will gladly put you in contact with a trail in the region of your choice.

Implementation Process

1. Be members of World Trails Network

2. Apply in writing to create a Friendship Trail

3. World Trails Network will send all relevant documents and the steps to be completed

4. Signage and Branding completed

5. Opening ceremony of the Friendship Trail

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