Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge resources and providing a platform for education and learning between trails is one of our four focus areas . . . More +

Sustainable Trails

Quality trails are sustainable trails, as a global initiative we encourage the development of sustainable quality trails and trail experiences . . . More +

Biodiversity and Culture

Many of the world’s trails pass through pristine nature areas or places of rich cultural heritage, we encourage conservation . . .  More +

Promoting Trails

Cross-promotion of trails through our International Friendship Trails program is growing a global network one trail at a time . . . More +


World Conference 2018

Our 7th World Trails Conference will take place in 2018 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Join us and make new friends, network and learn from other trails around the world. Sign up for our newsletter to receive further information.


Trails Atlas

All member trails of the World Trails Network are listed in the Trails Atlas, a collection of some of the world’s leading trails. Click to browse the atlas and contact us to join and have your trail listed here too, so others may find you.


Values Statement

All members of the network agree to uphold and promote the values put forward in the World Trails Network Values Statement. Our aim is to take the global trails industry forward with a strong focus on sustainability and good practice.


Join the Network

Find out more about how to become a member of this growing international network. The benefits and opportunities offered by the World Trails Network are many and varied and are there to help you partake in an exciting industry.